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Earn some extra by collecting bottles

Would you like to earn some more? In BottlePal app you can collect bottles and cans and earn some extra. We charge you 0,50€/bag. When you return the bottles back to the store you get approximately 2,50€. Easy, efficient and rewarding recycling!

"Keep the deposit"

Why should I collect bottles?

Collecting bottles is a rewarding hobby! Reserve bottles, pay safely and securely with credit card, jump on your bike and go out to make some money! Thousands of bottles have already been recycled with BottlePal. Try it out now!🙂

"Only 0,50€"

BottlePal customers

“Collecting bottles was surprisingly easy! All of the instructions in the app were clear. I collected seven BottleBags and I got 20€. I paid only 3,50€ so I would say it was a pretty good deal!”





We’ll charge you 0,50€ per a BottleBag. Your card will be charged directly. For example, if you collect a single BottleBag, you’ll be charged 0,50€. If you collect three BottleBags, you’ll be charged 1,50€. You’ll be charged after donor’s confirmation. As the value of a single BottleBag is around 2,50€, you’ll make a profit of 2,00€ on each bag you collect. 🙂

How to collect bottles with BottlePal

1. Reserve bottles and choose a collection time.

2. After donor’s confirmation you’ll be charged 0,50€ per BottleBag and you’ll get the exact address information.

3. Collect the bottles and keep the deposits!

"Make your recycling extra rewarding!"

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