Recycle bottles from your home

You don’t need to drag yourself to the bottle recycling point anymore. Just tell the amount of the bags in the app and wait for collector’s reservation. As a donor you get a fully free service and you will recycle the easiest way!

"Value your time"

Why donate bottles?

Isn’t it wonderful when you don’t have to worry about empty bottles anymore? With BottlePal you can recycle bottles from the comfort of your own home, free of charge, and as often as you need! Ready to make your weekdays a bit more luxurious? And while you return your bottles in a new convenient way with the mobile app, your home stays tidy as well. Best of all, you’ll save your own valuable time, all the while knowing that your actions support sustainable development and do the right thing for both nature and mankind! Let’s all be pals!

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BottlePal customers

“I heard about BottlePal from my friend and I decided to give it a go. Couple of young boys collected the bottles the same day. So easy!”

“Me and my husband are a busy working couple. This service is made for us.”




1. With the BottlePal app you can donate aluminium, glass and PET-plastic deposit containers that are returnable in Finland. The containers must be intact and the barcodes must be readable. 🙂

2. The minimum amount to donate is a single BottleBag with an estimated value of 2,50€. One BottleBag fits approximately 15 cans/bottles, depending on their size. The person collecting the bag pays a flat fee of 0,50€ for the bag and upon returning the deposit containers receives approximately 2,50€. 🙂

How to donate bottles with BottlePal

1. Donate bottles free of charge by telling number of BottleBags, collection time and specified collection point.

2. Wait for a collector to reserve your bottles and confirm the reservation.

3. Take your BottleBags to specified collection point and enjoy your bottle-free day!

"Make your weekdays luxurious with the BottlePal app!"

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