ArcticApp Oy’s privacy statement

ArcticApp Oy offers BottlePal service and application. BottlePal Service is a service used with BottlePal application. BottlePal users use the application to donate and collect empty returnable drink containers with deposit. The BottlePal application is used to run the application on a compatible device connected to the Internet.

The BottlePal application may only be used in Finland. Using the BottlePal application through non-ArcticApp Oy user interfaces is strictly prohibited.

The purpose of BottlePal application is to improve the recycling of empty bottles and other drink containers, to provide drink container Donors daily service to ease everyday life and to offer Collectors with return containers a deposit included in return containers.

ArcticApp Oy acts as a registrar and in this privacy statement we will explain how we process your personal information in ArcticApp Oy when you use the BottlePal application.


Why do we record and use your personal information?

We will store and use your personal information to provide you BottlePal application, and as a user of BottlePal a service to return of empty bottles and other drink containers, and to charge you (“Collectors”) for the use of the BottlePal.

This means that we store and use personal information when:

– By signing up, you have given your consent to the processing of your personal data as a BottlePal User for using BottlePal application;

– The processing of your personal information is necessary to create agreements between Users of the BottlePal Application at the request of the Registered User;

– The processing of your personal information is necessary to comply with the legal obligation of ArcticApp Oy;

– Processing personal information is necessary for the ArcticApp Oy’s interest or to pursue the legitimate interests of the third party, unless the protection of personal data require the registered interests or fundamental rights and freedoms take precedence over such interests, particularly if the data subject is a child.


What are your personal data stored and used?

We store and use the following personal information:

– Name

– Email address

– Phone number

– Facebook username

– Language

– Credit Card Name

– Last 4 credit card numbers

– Last validity credit card year and month of credit card.


When and how do we store and use your personal information?

We store and use your personal information to provide you with BottlePal application and related services.

We store and use your personal information for purposes related to the provision of BottlePal application and related services, such as:

– Customer service, advice and management

– Developing and managing our products, services and business

– Marketing of our products and services

– Determining the prices and fees for our products and services

– Customer identification and verification

– Protecting the customer and ArcticApp Oy from abuse

– Compliance with legal requirements

We collect data when you sign up for a BottlePal service and / or application.


How long will we store your personal information?

We keep your personal information only for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which your data was stored and used. As a result, we keep your data as long as we have a customer relationship with you. When you terminate your customer relationship, we will normally keep your information for three years after the end of your customer relationship. This is mainly due to legislation relating to the limitation of claims.


Third parties and your personal information

We will not store and / or use the personal information third parties provide about you to ArcticApp Oy for any reason.

We will not disclose to third parties your personal information you provided to AcrticApp Oy in connection with your registration, other than the following purposes / situations:

– Data may be disclosed within the limits set by applicable law

– Subcontractors may be used to store personal information


Principles of personal data protection

AcrticApp Oy organizes personal data security as required by law and prevents unauthorized access to its electronic information systems by appropriate technical solutions.

Access to personal data registers requires a personal user name and password, which is granted only to ArcticApp Oy personnel or subcontractors whose status and tasks are associated with the license.

In cases where subcontractors act as recorders of information held by AcrticApp Oy, we will ensure that your rights are safeguarded and that your privacy is preserved in data storage and data transfer in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines in Finland.


Seeing your personal information

You can see the personal information we have stored and used about you, where the information was obtained and where we use it. You can get information on how long we keep your data and who will be able to see your data to the extent that we disclose the information. However, legislation, protection of other people’s information, and taking into account our business and business practices may limit your access to information. Our know-how, business secrets and internal evaluations and materials may be excluded from your rights to get information.


Prohibition of direct marketing

You have the right to prohibit the use of your personal information for direct marketing purposes, including profiling for such purposes.


Correcting or deleting your personal data registered by ArcticApp Oy

If your personal information is inaccurate, incomplete or insignificant, you have the right to request the rectification or erasure of the information. These rights include the right to rectify information, the right to erase data and the right to be forgotten.


Restriction of use

If the information we have stored about you is inaccurate or if you have denied the use of your personal information, you may require us to limit the use of that information to their storage. The use of the information is limited to their storage only until the accuracy of the data can be verified or until our legitimate interests can be verified beyond your interests.

You may have the right to remove your stored personal information, or you may ask us to limit the use of your personal information for the purpose of storage. If we need to use the personal information we have stored about you in order to establish a legal claim, you may require that any other use of such information be limited to their storage. However, we may have the right to use your information for any other purpose in order to establish a legal claim or if you have given your consent.


Withdrawal of consent

You may at any time withdraw your consent to disclose your personal information that requires your consent. Please note that if you cancel your consent, we may, if necessary, block your use of the BottlePal service and / or application. Also, keep in mind that we will continue to use your personal information to fulfill an agreement with you, for example, or if we are required by law to do so.


Contact and appeal

You can contact us at any time if you have any questions about your privacy rights or the storage and use of your personal information. You can contact us at

You can contact our privacy officer, email:

You can make a complaint to the Data Protection Officer: Data Protection Officer, Ratapihantie 9, 00520 Helsinki, email:

If there is a discrepancy between Finnish and English or any other language version of this Privacy Statement, Finnish version will be always determinative.